Inertia360™ provides CATIA V5 users the ability to automate mass properties calculations and produce accurate weight and mass distribution reports along with tracking weight over time. Inertia360 provides the following:

  • Complete accuracy based on actual CATIA models
  • Calculation time is orders of magnitude less than that of manual methods
  • Virtual elimination of human errors in calculation
  • Traceability and storage of all reports generated
  • Weight Report

    Inertia360 generates weight reports containing the mass, center of gravity and inertia of parts and assemblies. The report lists not only parts, but also their relative parts tree positions.

    Mass Management and Tracking

    All reports are saved to the SQL database for traceability and later retrieval. Once the results of weight and mass distribution reports have been generated and recorded into the database, history reports can be created by querying old reports by part, assembly, and volume or creation date to track weight over time. Differences between two reports are highlighted allowing changes between revisions to be pinpointed immediately.

    Mass Distribution Reports

    Inertia360™ generates mass distribution reports for parts and assemblies. The user definable volume model clips the CATIA model and then Inertia360™ performs calculations on the clipped parts found within each volume and outputs the mass properties into the report. This is done in a fraction of the time required by other methods. Individual and/or multiple volumes can be selected for subsequent runs to obtain results only for those volumes where changes have been made thus speeding calulcation times.
    Requires CATIA V5

    Additional Features

  • Any missing densities can be input by the user without having to edit the original CATIA model.
  • All calculations are performed on a CATPart derived from the CATProduct so the original model is not changed.
    Inertia360 takes into account hidden bodies in CATIA.
  • Factors can be input to approximate fasteners, sealants and paint.