Managing a Configured Hybrid CATIAV5/CATIAV6/3DX BOM structure in 3DEXPERIENCE 2018x

So you want to reap the rewards of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform by centralizing All your Product Data under one roof – accessible worldwide by any member of your extended organization BUT are unwilling/unable to switch your CAD platform to Catia 3DX (formerly known as V6)?
We got you covered!
With use of the Power’By modules of 3DEXPERIENCE, keep your current CAD authoring tool but manage it natively inside the Platform.

Have a look at Mecanica’s COE’s Ask The Expert Webinar to have a quick overview of:

  • Catia V5/Catia 3DX Hybrid CAD data management
  • Configuration Management
  • BOM Management
  • Catia V5/Catia 3DX Co-Existence
  • Delmia MBOM Management
  • And More

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