Custom CATIA Post-Processor with Machine Simulation & Optimization

Convert Your CATIA Program To Production-Ready G-Code in One Step

Most CATIA post-processors are simply a one way translation tool between CATIA and CNC machines, relying on third-party verification and optimization software to provide feedback and identify errors after-the-fact. This cycle of rewriting and retesting NC programs leads to increases in programming costs and unexpected production delays.

ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology provides a unique environment where post-processing, simulation and optimization is combined into one automatic streamlined action. No CAM reprogramming, no re-posting, no trial and error. Just optimized, verified & production-ready G-Code in one integrated workbench that leads to a 25% to 35% savings in programming & machine cycle time.

Compatible with all Major CNC Controllers & Machines

ICAM’s custom CATIA post-processors can be designed to generate optimized and verified G-Code for all major makes & models of CNC machines & controllers. By relying on precise machine dimensions and kinematic specifications, the Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology can provide thoroughly optimized G-Code that maximizes machine tool tool performance.

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