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Mecanica Solutions Inc. is proud to bring the best and most extreme performance hardware solutions to fit your environment. Our strategic partnerships, with BOXX Technologies provide your organization with the most impressive machines in the industry. We offer solutions for any business vertical worldwide, focusing on CAD and ANALYSIS products. The solution, which features PCoverIP technology, is engineered to enhance the user experience, bolster security and lower costs. Because no environment is exactly the same, we’ve developed a range of solutions specifically for you. Speak to our team of experts to see which of our solutions works best in your work environment.

What we offer

Our innovative turn-key solutions bring together emerging technologies and best-in-class techniques, in one powerfully compelling solution. And because no two businesses are alike, each solution is customized around each workstation’s unique purpose and maximizes the true capacity of hardware, software and human resources.

  • Boost your workstation performance by at least 25%.
  • Increase your corporate ROI by lowering untimely production delays.
  • Maximize productivity by building a work environment where resources can easily collaborate.

The solution allows companies to have one centralized and secured database location that operates at a higher rate of efficiency than what is otherwise available in today’s marketplace.

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