Air Taxis – Quand pouvons-nous en saluer un?

On-demand aviation — air taxi — has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, and the enabling technology required to usher in such a transformation is, for all practical purposes, here. Urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles are flying and being tested around the world. So rapidly is this transportation revolution emerging—albeit still in the early […]

De nouvelles opportunités rentables se profilent dans notre industrie automobile en évolution…

La course est lancée pour être le premier à commercialiser les nouveaux véhicules les plus innovants, offrant la meilleure expérience client possible. Mais la concurrence est féroce, alors que les constructeurs traditionnels s’efforcent de réinventer leurs activités et leurs véhicules…. Et que de nouveaux innovateurs agiles, avec des véhicules passionnants électriques, connectés et autonomes, se […]

Le futur du design 3D: CATIA dans la plateforme 3DEXPERIENCE

CATIA est une solution logicielle complète dont la fonction première est de de modéliser en 3D un objet. Développée par Dassault Systèmes, CATIA 2019 est totalement intégrée à la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE. Les utilisateurs ont accès à une bibliothèque complète d’outils de création de produits en ligne, sur n’importe quel appareil, à tout moment et n’importe […]

The Easy Way to Move Your CAD to a Cloud-Based PLM Platform

The definition of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) has long been debated between software re-sellers and the companies that use PLM solutions. The debate heats up aroundwhat exactly is the product? Is it the item we manufacture and sell to our end customer? Is it a single part, or an entire assembly of parts? Or […]

Powertrain Structural Performance

A vehicle relies on numerous components and systems to run properly, but one of the most critical systems is the powertrain, which is composed of the engine and all of the components for the transmission of power to the wheel. A well-designed powertrain can improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle, but it is […]

(English) SIMULIA: the automotive simulation software

Though the automotive industry isn’t yet ready to unleash the power of a self-driving car, technological strides are made every day that bring us one step closer, from human-operation, to assisted driving, to automated features, and eventually to a fully-autonomous vehicle. However, one barrier stands between the true ‘auto’mobile of the future and present-day drivers, […]

Car Makers Accelerate by Designing, Developing, and Engineering in the Cloud

Silver Lining in the Cloud Speed limits keep some semblance of order on our highways. But the cloud—through its ability to flexibly host a global ecosystem of partners and suppliers to make rapid iterations during the product ideation anddevelopment process—is what helps you break speed limits to meet launch dates and revenue and quality targets […]

The Next Billion Cars – How Close Are We To Self-Driving?

  Last year, approximately 70.5 million cars were manufactured worldwide. When you break down that massive number, it equates to two cars per second! Keeping that same pace, it will reportedly take 15 years to manufacture the next billion vehicles, according to futurist Mark Pesce, an author, inventor, entrepreneur, and host of “The Next Billion […]

Simulation of the Future: Autonomous Vehicles

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) defines five levels of vehicle autonomy, and a good deal of work is already being done in the lower levels, which include Level 1 (automation with driver assistance), Level 2 (partial driving automation) and Level 3 (conditional driving automation). Higher levels of autonomy include Level 4, which is […]

Adoption de la plateforme d’innovation dans le cloud

Design and manufacturing technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility to meet the demands of impatient markets. In this ever-changing environment it is increasingly necessary for companies to adapt to stay ahead of competitors. Cloud-based product innovation platforms are becoming the new standard in the digital sector, offering businesses the tools they need to […]