Can your teams benefit from lean strategies to enhance engineering performance?

Watch the first of three “Engineering Excellence” Webinars. The Webinar highlights customizable 3D dashboards that can promote better engineering decisions.

Part of the Engineered to Fly Industry Solution Experience, CATIA offers powerful new capabilities that drive engineering excellence.

Watch the first Webinar!

How do suppliers deploy tools and technology that will enable Integrated, 3D digital processes to be applied to the complete product creation process?

The second webinar features the ways companies can designing right the first time – beginning with conceptual product definition through to geometry definition and behavior modeling and simulation – resulting in reduced costs, improved quality.

Watch the second Webinar!

How can you improve the way you unify teams and processes worldwide?
The third and final Webinar in the Engineering Excellence Webinar series, shares the value of new inclusive business processes enabled by CATIA. Learn how to integrate with existing processes and tools to enable stakeholders across the globe to work on the product design in real-time.
Also learn the advantages of the open 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and CATIA including the ability to:

  • Integrate xCAD and manage data coming from any CAD system.
  • Connect to separate Information Systems such as existing ERP and PDM systems.
  • Access existing Bills-of-Materials, product structure definitions, and metadata as well as product manufacturing information.

Watch the third Webinar![:]