How 3D simulation can improve our cities

Successful smart city projects are scarce. An excessively one-sided approach to complex issues and a fragmentation in stakeholders create an ideal breeding ground for failure. Moreover, the term is now used for lots of things, and so any practical possibilities remain vague. Who will take the initiative? Who will invest? A 3D platform for simulating […]

The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace – The Amazon of Manufacturing

Ask any engineer or designer about creating the next new thing, engineering it, and prototyping it, and they will tell you countless stories of trial and error before they succeeded making their ideas a reality. In the past decade,  the internet has become an integral part of the design process and when it comes to […]

3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform Webinar

Wondering about the benefits you could gain using Cloud based Dassault Systemes solutions? Discover in action the Cloud Mid-Market Solution with its bundled Innovative components: IT infrastructure based On-cloud computing technologies 3DEXPERIENCE unified Business Platform on Cloud to create innovative User Experience 3D User Interface, Rich Web applications and more to discover This webinar will […]

CATIA Engineering Excellence packages

This video includes 14 embedded video clips, most of which are 30 to 40 seconds in length and offers a perfect opportunity to get the best of the Customer Excellence program or even simply learn more on these rich CATIA packages. This EXCELLENT 13-minute narrated video articulates the six value propositions of the CATIA Engineering Excellence packages CATMEE and CATMSE and […]

Increase local effectiveness of global manufacturing strategies

Contact Sales with DELMIA Digital Manufacturing EngineeringIndustrial equipment manufacturers need flexibility to manage distributed production. How can they produce globally as easily as they do locally? How can they scale production to shifting demands? DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Engineering solution enables producers to get maximum efficiency, high quality and fast ramp-up from globally distributed production resources. […]

CATIA Systems Architecture Requirements Webinar

Contact Sales Learn how an integrated automotive systems architecture and requirements engineering process can save time and money! Designing the architecture of automotive systems has never been more challenging. This short recorded seminar will show how you can improve productivity using : A unified system engineering process that fosters innovation and integrates with existing processes […]

Civil Design through Innovative Collaboration

Industrialized Design Processes change Civil and Infrastructure Projects Watch this webinar about Civil Design Industry Process Experience from Dassault Systèmes. Observe civil design processes leveraging customizable, repeatable templates to boost project accuracy and productivity. Hear more about how to: Use geo location tools to apply the context of applicable terrain Design in both normal and […]

Integrate requirements management for more profitable business

Global suppliers, pursuing new opportunities, want to ensure that they can satisfy customer requirements and still deliver profitable results, on target, and aligned with their resources and capabilities. Review this whitepaper and learn new strategies to: Accelerate time-to-market and boost profits by re-using assets Enhance innovation by improving global collaboration Track progress, reduce errors and […]

Supplier Strategies to Win and Deliver More Business Profitability

How can suppliers and OEMs truly partner for mutual success? Aerospace and Automotive suppliers face ever increasing need to win profitable business, fulfill OEM requirements, cut cycle time and deliver to target. Want to understand how suppliers can succeed in an environment that faces greater organizational challenges? Attend this free webinar from Industry Week, Aviation […]

CATIA Engineering Webinar Series

Can your teams benefit from lean strategies to enhance engineering performance? Watch the first of three “Engineering Excellence” Webinars. The Webinar highlights customizable 3D dashboards that can promote better engineering decisions. Part of the Engineered to Fly Industry Solution Experience, CATIA offers powerful new capabilities that drive engineering excellence. Watch the first Webinar! How do […]