Honda Transforms Automotive Manufacturing with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

With shifting customer preferences and rapid developments in technology, today’s automotive manufacturers are facing challenges that the industry has never seen before. At this year’s 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM, one of our speakers included Honda’s Ron Emerson, associate chief engineer of Honda North America’s Virtual Maturation Team, who explained how the company continues to overcome these challenges using […]

Improve Project Performance with PLM Analytics Insights

Faced with the lack of useful analysis and forward-looking capabilities to predict and ensure project and related business success, project managers choose Dassault Systèmes PLM Analytics based solution. It helps you make better and more informed decisions by gaining valuable intelligence from evaluating data. Dassault Systèmes PLM solution helps you by: Making insights visually contextual Offering […]

Flying Cars, No Longer Sci-Fi

Summertime and early Autumn in New England brings the kind of traffic that lasts hours and crawls forward inch-by-inch. The kind of traffic that forces you to sit in your car and fantasize about growing wings and flying over the miles of backed up cars to break free of you anger and frustrations. Scientists are not […]

Industry Convergence: Protecting Connected Cars by Combining IT and Auto Engineering Skills

270 million mobile computers roam U.S. roads today. Not traditionally associated with either computers or networks, cars and light trucks increasingly serve as end-points of the Internet of Things (IoT). In the first quarter of 2016, mobile carriers reported activating moreconnected cars than phones for the first time. Connected cars increase consumer safety and convenience, […]

Innovation Platforms – the Operating System for the Digital Enterprise

What is an innovation platform and why does it matter? If you ask different people, you’ll get a lot of different opinions. Some will tell you it’s the next generation of product lifecycle software, and they’re not wrong. An innovation platform enables a cohesive approach to product innovation, product development and engineering, and continues to […]

Can machines really learn? And should we be afraid?

Science fiction books and movies love to portray machines that grow so smart that they have no use for flawed humans and want to either enslave them or eliminate them. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – is that future fast approaching? When you buy a few different items from Amazon and […]

It’s Not Your Father’s Auto Industry

Staying Relevant (and Profitable) in Today’s Brave New Automotive World Barring a few exceptions for cyclical downturns, automakers have marched to a relatively steady drumbeat for decades. Customer applause and occasional groans resound as each model year introduction has been eagerly anticipated, providing vehicle designers with valuable annual feedback. And since work on each year’s […]

Five Questions to Ask to Improve Your Aerospace Business

Aerospace companies rely on innovation to improve performance while managing growing program complexity (more complex systems, and an extended supply chain) as they face more competition than ever before. Companies need every advantage to succeed. Today’s complex aircraft require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to improve the way they design, build and deliver them. […]

Digital Manufacturing in the Industrial Internet of Things

Physical products can’t be produced digitally, of course, but digital resources can and do support manufacturing in a big way. Although manufacturing has made use of computers for decades, ever more powerful systems, sophisticated software, the Internet, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have expanded the digital world of manufacturing, delivering unimagined speed, efficiencies […]

Understand the Impact of Engineering Changes

Fast-changing markets and technologies are forcing manufacturers of all sizes to move more quickly. Manufacturing planners have to take products through the process at a faster pace—and make sure that the plan works the first time.DELMIA Virtual Build enables manufacturing companies to transform their process plans by visualizing and validating the assembly sequence. This results […]