Inventory Optimization in the Supply Chain

Every company wants to have the right amount of the right inventory in the right place at the right time, and that has been the primary focus of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software and its successors and descendants including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Distribution Requirements Planning. Traditional planning systems use traditional logic that calculates […]

Generative Design: Design the Future

Well thought-out design is often an important prerequisite for innovation. Thanks to generative design, you can now leave most of this ‘thinking’ to smart algorithms. What is generative design? Generative design is a process in which software based on algorithms independently generates design proposals. Designers enter beforehand as many variables as possible, such as the […]

How the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Can Transform Industries

When industries expand and new technologies emerge, there are a variety of companies that want to boost adoption through as-a-service offerings. In recent years, it’s become standard to see technology as a service — from software to infrastructure and simulation. With the emergence of big data, analytics and predictive maintenance, some industries may wonder if […]

Is There a Self-Driving Zamboni in Your Future?

Want to work the overnight shift at Walmart scrubbing floors? I didn’t think so. How about scanning shelves to see what merchandise need to be replenished before the morning rush? For that matter, did you want to work the night shift at all? And if you did, wouldn’t you rather be handling online orders, coordinating […]

Digital Manufacturing: What Would FC Barcelona Do?

You’re modeling a digital manufacturing strategy around a use case of new product introductions (NPI), because the corporate emphasis is organic growth through a constant stream of new offerings. You want to understand demand as early as possible in the product life cycle, to continuously adapt your manufacturing and supply chain response for timely replenishment. […]

Plugging Manufacturing into the Data Pool

What do you need to know before you connect your manufacturing floor to the Industrial Internet of Things? As consumers shift their buying habits from products to experiences, should businesses change their operating models as well? Well, if your organization wants to be able to innovate in an effective way, the answer is yes. As […]

Mobility Meets Blockchain; Data Privacy, Supply Chain Loom Large

Few things get the business juices flowing like platforms and ecosystems, with the raft of opportunities that follows in their wake. Transportation and mobility companies, along with blockchain providers, have taken a step toward creating this network effect with theMobility Open Blockchain Initiative(MOBI), designed to promote standards and blockchain adoption in the mobility market. The […]

Lithium Mining and Electric Vehicles: Powering Innovation and a Greener Future

The future of transportation is increasingly greener, with jurisdictions around the world aiming to significantly grow the number of electric vehicles traversing the streets. In the state of California, an ambitious target has been set to reach 5.5 million of them by the year 2030 through rebate programs. By 2025, they plan to have 250,000 […]

The Next Aviation Disruption

Anyone who still considers the idea of point-to-point, on-demand air taxis too futuristic to merit serious thought may want to rethink such a notion. A market for urban air transportation is emerging—effectively airborne versions of Uber and Lyft—and it is probably closer than most people realize. Proof-of-concepts of air vehicle designs, batteries, autonomous systems, and […]