ENOVIA enables you to plan your definition of success.

Powered by 3DEXPERIENCE®, ENOVIA provides leading enterprise collaborative applications for all industries, to promote innovation and operational excellence with a variety of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.

Innovation increasingly means global teams collaborating with global information in a social context – and doing so with clarity, confidence and consistency.

With a broad portfolio of technical and business applications, ENOVIA enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation.

Improve your Business Value and Results with PLM

When implemented successfully, PLM facilitates innovation, the development and launch of new products, and product reporting and compliance by managing product information as a single source of truth across the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle. This requires a comprehensive, integrated approach that delivers a total PLM solution – combining technology, organizational change and business value.

Working Together

Mecanica Solutions provides management consulting and implementation services, offering innovative PLM solutions to aerospace, automotive, AEC and other manufacturing industries.

We provide clients with end-to-end PLM management consulting and implementation services, including:

  • ENOVIA PLM Strategy
  • ENOVIA PLM Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Testing & Validation
  • Training
  • Superior Technical Support

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