3DEXPERIENCE® Cloud Platform Webinar

Wondering about the benefits you could gain using Cloud based Dassault Systemes solutions?

Discover in action the Cloud Mid-Market Solution with its bundled Innovative components:

  • IT infrastructure based On-cloud computing technologies
  • 3DEXPERIENCE unified Business Platform on Cloud to create innovative User Experience
  • 3D User Interface, Rich Web applications and more to discover

This webinar will demonstrate how in minutes you can deploy the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform following 6 easy steps without any need for IT Administration. In addition, you will review additional collaborative capabilities such as Business Dashboarding aggregating multiple data sources for any discipline.

All this packaged including a 24/7 online support, secure data, Reduced TCO and much more.

To learn more, watch the 10 minute Cloud introduction webinar

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