Composites Manufacturing Simulation

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Insider insights from a CATIA Composites guru

Dr. John Klintworth, noted composites expert and CATIA strategist, discusses the significant role simulation of composites manufacturing plays in developing high performance composites.

The Simulation of Composites in Manufacturing Webinar 1 includes:

  • Intro to Composites Simulation in Manufacturing.
  • Hand Layup Simulation including Novel producabilty simulation capabilities, like Dynamic Draping, which helps users optimize manufacturing parameters quickly using real-time predictions.

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Can you leverage the latest technology? New productivity improvements in composites

The rapid evolution of Composites offers many new manufacturing enhancements.

Do you know if your company is taking advantage of the latest technology?

Noted CATIA materials and composites expert, Dr. John Klintworth shares the latest composites innovations such as how to address the simulation of the Automated Fiber Placement and Automated Tape Laying processes.

He also covers a new Braiding Simulation option that integrates design with manufacturing disciplines and allows rapid process optimization and manufacturing preparation

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Learn ways composites simulation improves manufacturing. Don’t miss these essential updates!

According research firm, Freedonia Group, aerospace will remain the dominant and fastest growing market for composites. Around for the last 70 years, change is constant in composites technology. In recent years it has become a significant industrial discipline for aerospace and defense applications.

Keep up with the latest innovations. Join materials and Composites expert, Dr. John Klintworth as he provides a deep dive on forming simulation and material characterization delivers in part 3 of his webinar series.

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