10 Strategies Manufacturers Can Use For Delivering An Excellent Customer Experience – Part 1

Bottom line: Customers’ experiences and their active voice in product development are the much-needed oxygen manufacturers need to fuel new product generations and stay relevant. Industry 4.0 And The Customer-Driven Revolution In Manufacturing Bosch, BMW, and other leading global manufacturers realize that the only way to continue growing and expanding their product strategies is to […]

You Snooze, You Lose: A New Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles

The old saying “your safety is in your own hands” may become a thing of the past if the technology behind self-driving cars lives up to its promises. But as we become more reliant on self-driving technology, will we ever reach a point where we can do away with human drivers altogether?  A recent article […]

Manufacturing the Experience Economy with Digital Technology

It is being said that we are entering the Experience Economy where customers are most interested in building memories, rather than in owning products or receiving a service. Economists and pundits alike are noting this major change in the business world to be as significant as the changes from an agricultural economy to the industrial […]