It’s Not Your Father’s Auto Industry

Staying Relevant (and Profitable) in Today’s Brave New Automotive World Barring a few exceptions for cyclical downturns, automakers have marched to a relatively steady drumbeat for decades. Customer applause and occasional groans resound as each model year introduction has been eagerly anticipated, providing vehicle designers with valuable annual feedback. And since work on each year’s […]

Five Questions to Ask to Improve Your Aerospace Business

Aerospace companies rely on innovation to improve performance while managing growing program complexity (more complex systems, and an extended supply chain) as they face more competition than ever before. Companies need every advantage to succeed. Today’s complex aircraft require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to improve the way they design, build and deliver them. […]

Digital Manufacturing in the Industrial Internet of Things

Physical products can’t be produced digitally, of course, but digital resources can and do support manufacturing in a big way. Although manufacturing has made use of computers for decades, ever more powerful systems, sophisticated software, the Internet, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have expanded the digital world of manufacturing, delivering unimagined speed, efficiencies […]

Understand the Impact of Engineering Changes

Fast-changing markets and technologies are forcing manufacturers of all sizes to move more quickly. Manufacturing planners have to take products through the process at a faster pace—and make sure that the plan works the first time.DELMIA Virtual Build enables manufacturing companies to transform their process plans by visualizing and validating the assembly sequence. This results […]

Manufacturing Network Pays Dividends

Every nation needs a strong manufacturing base. In the United States, the issue figured prominently in the last presidential election. So it’s good timing that an initiative launched in 2014 to strengthen manufacturing—Manufacturing USA—is now bearing fruit, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. Manufacturing USA is a national network of institutes, each one a […]

The OEM Handoff

Shifting responsibility puts greater burden on aerospace suppliersGrowing market demands and increasing competition are requiring aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to restructure their relationships with their suppliers. Large companies at or near the top of the supply chain are shifting even more responsibility for innovation and productivity gains to the smaller, lower-tier builders of components […]

10 Strategies Manufacturers Can Use For Delivering An Excellent Customer Experience – Part 2

72% of manufacturers predict Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics will significantly improve customer relationships and customer intelligence by 2020. Manufacturers predict a 33% increase in spending to digitize and integrate channel management and marketing systems within five years. Manufacturers also plan to double their investments in digitizing business models, product and service portfolios in the […]

10 Strategies Manufacturers Can Use For Delivering An Excellent Customer Experience – Part 1

Bottom line: Customers’ experiences and their active voice in product development are the much-needed oxygen manufacturers need to fuel new product generations and stay relevant. Industry 4.0 And The Customer-Driven Revolution In Manufacturing Bosch, BMW, and other leading global manufacturers realize that the only way to continue growing and expanding their product strategies is to […]

You Snooze, You Lose: A New Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles

The old saying “your safety is in your own hands” may become a thing of the past if the technology behind self-driving cars lives up to its promises. But as we become more reliant on self-driving technology, will we ever reach a point where we can do away with human drivers altogether?  A recent article […]

Manufacturing the Experience Economy with Digital Technology

It is being said that we are entering the Experience Economy where customers are most interested in building memories, rather than in owning products or receiving a service. Economists and pundits alike are noting this major change in the business world to be as significant as the changes from an agricultural economy to the industrial […]