Advanced Hypersonic Research Will Rely on a Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Attend almost any aerospace conference that includes a strategic assessment of the nation’s highest-priority technologies and capabilities to maintain global competitiveness and strong national security, and hypersonics will be at or near the top of the list. Hypersonics broadly describes speeds at which an air vehicle flies at Mach 5 or faster—five times the speed […]

Vehicle Megatrends: Driving the Future and Steering Roadblocks

It’s no longer your great-grandfather’s or even grandfather’s auto industry. Future automobiles are expected to be assisted, automated, and autonomous while utilizing a wide range of technology. Sweeping changes are taking place on a daily basis related to who is building our vehicles, how they are powered, and who owns and drives them, said Deirdre Mayhood, […]

Digital Manufacturing Has Its Head in the Cloud

Digital manufacturing is executed on the ground, but increasingly, the thinking is being done in the cloud. What happens on the factory floor doesn’t stay there, but is uploaded as data to the cloud for validation, visibility, and analytic crunching to find patterns, make predictions, and prescribe actions. The cloud was a simpleton years ago—a […]

What’s the Difference Between a Forecast and a Demand Plan?

What’s the difference between a forecast and a demand plan? A forecast is a prediction of demand based on a mathematical and statistical analysis of past demand. This mathematical forecast can and should be adjusted to reflect any knowledge or intelligence that the forecaster knows, that may affect future demand, but is not reflected in […]

The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace provides manufacturers

Here is how manufacturers can stay ahead by transforming to the new value networkThe Industry Renaissance is emerging worldwide and it’s encompassing new categories of processes, services and technology: new solutions are being created to meet the growing consumer’s demands, new online ecosystems are being formed to connect industrial services with suppliers, and the real […]

Analytics are the Key to Getting Value From IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing the factory floor with a proliferation of connected sensors and smart devices that can gather literally billions of data points from on-going activities. This data provides an unprecedented view of minute details of production events and activities – in real-time – to controllers and operators so that […]

The Future of Electric Vehicles

The Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt and Tesla’s Model S. These are just a few of the electric vehicles (EVs) we’re now accustomed to seeing on America’s roadways. Although drivers and riders are increasingly adopting plug-in cars, the latest industry reports indicate plug-ins are still only slightly above 1% of total automotive sales in the U.S., […]

Is Your Planning Integrated?

Most manufacturers take advantage of planning software (MRP and its variants) to set production schedules and lay out replenishment requirements for inventory. Most companies also engage in a formal business planning process to set strategic objectives, plan cash flow and financial requirements, allocate funds to major business functions, plan capital expenditures, etc. But are these […]